Frequently Asked Questions


When will the game return?

We can’t put a date on when the game will be returning, but you can be among the first to find out by signing up for future development news here!

Can you keep the server alive for the players who want to keep playing?

No, the servers will be shut down on the 17th of December 2020 at 11am GMT.

What will happen to Discord?

The Discord will still be live, and we’ll still be keeping an eye on it, so join up and tell us how we can further improve ELYSIUM. 

Why are you stopping the closed beta? 

Our main goal with this beta was to gather as much feedback as we could, and we’ve gathered tons! Now we’ll be taking some time to focus on that feedback while the game is offline.

Thank you to everyone who played ELYSIUM in this phase, and to those who shared feedback in the community and via the survey. We read it all and it is greatly appreciated!

Will there be another beta?

We expect to run more tests as we continue to develop and improve the game.

Will I have access to my Cards / Generals in the future?

No, we will be wiping all accounts once the closed beta ends.  

What will the Development team be focusing on now? 

We will be taking the masses of feedback you’ve provided and working on how we can improve ELYSIUM, so you have an even better game to play when we return!

How can I keep up to date with the game’s development?

There are two ways you can keep an eye on ELYSIUM: 
1. You can join our Discord. We always post news there as soon as we have them so you’ll be the first to know!

2. And you can sign up to our mailing list, and we’ll let you know as     soon as we have any news.

Will those who took part in the closed beta get a rewardwhen the game is launched? 

We’re taking a look at what sort of thing would be fun, but also show that you were one of those lucky few who were there at the very beginning.

We’ll have more news on this when we return!

What free games do I get for participating in the closed beta, and how do I claim them?

All the details of this can be found in our most recent blog post here.

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