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Total War: ELYSIUM is a free-to-play strategy card game that brings generals from across history together to go head to head in epic strategic showdowns.

Experience countless exciting battles, build masterful decks, and dominate the battlefield as history’s most famous leaders determine who’s the greatest strategist of all time.

Welcome to ELYSIUM.

What makes TOTAL WAR: ELYSIUM different to other CCGs?

Elysium is a completely different type of CCG. It includes:

Become a master strategist like history’s legendary generals by using strategy, not luck, to win the day.

Choose from a wide range of generals, many whom you’ll recognise from classic Total War games along with some new faces. Reflect your inner general by picking a strategy which suits you.

ELYSIUM’s battle line mechanics and mid-game deck editing brings the feeling of the battlefield to the CCG board.

What platforms will Total War: ELYSIUM support?

The Total War: ELYSIUM closed beta is currently only on Android while we work out the remaining kinks. It will be available on PC, Android, and iOS at launch.

Are you mobile or PC focused?

While we are slightly prioritising mobile during the closed beta period, we are still working to optimise the experience on PC ensuring it’s just as fun for launch.

When will the game launch?

We don’t have a launch date to share yet, but Total War: ELYSIUM is currently in closed beta and we will release it when we are satisfied the game is ready.

How can I earn cards in Total War: ELYSIUM?

Cards can be earned through levelling up rewards as well as Battle Packs that can be bought with in-game currency and through in-game purchases. All Battle Packs will tell you exactly the rarity of cards you will receive before purchase. You can also create cards through crafting.

How much content will be available on release?

We will have well over 300 cards and 9+ Generals at launch, potentially more depending on how long the beta lasts.

How much content will you release after launch?

Part of our closed beta is to determine how often we should and can release new content, but we have plans to be making new cards, generals, and modes for years after release.

Will Total War: ELYSIUM change or
relate to the Total War games?

Total War games will still release as normal – the ELYSIUM team is completely separate.

The plan is to share content across titles, so any new historical Total War game could mean new content in ELYSIUM. Heroes, generals, and units will enter ELYSIUM in their own unique way.

How do I get access to Total War: ELYSIUM?

We are currently only testing the game in certain regions, and as such we cannot guarantee you will be able access the game during the beta.

Please sign up here if you want to get further information on Total War: ELYISUM.

What languages will Total War: ELYSIUM support?

For the moment we will only be supporting English, but we are planning to implement more languages by release.

Who is Total War: ELYSIUM for?

Total War: ELYSIUM is for CCG and strategy fans who are interested in a historically based collectible card game.

As well as new and unique mechanics like Daybreak, ELYSIUM also features accessible deck-building and quick-to-understand cards, meaning you’ll be ready for the battle in no time.

What is Daybreak?

In Total War: ELYSIUM, Daybreak allows you to bring in reserves mid game in order to adapt your strategy on the fly.

If your opponent has built up a strong line of archers, it’s time for you to send in the cavalry! But remember to keep thinking ahead, planning your strategy, and adapting to each and every battle.

Some cards’ true strength can only be utilised at certain times of day, growing stronger over time or otherwise dealing devastating blows to your opponent before retreating back to your hand.

Does Total War: ELYSIUM include
all the factions from Total War?

With ELYSIUM we have the entire catalogue of historical Total War games to pick ideas from, so there will be plenty of factions that are inspired by Total War – but also some that are not…

Is there monetisation in Total War: ELYSIUM?

Yes – you will be able to purchase Amethyst currency to buy card packs and generals.

However, through the game’s level up rewards you will gain card packs, Amethyst, and Gold, which you will also earn through daily quests. This is to make sure that you are able to earn plenty of new cards and generals without spending a thing.

During the beta period we will monitor the economy of the game closely to make sure it feels fair to everyone.

What are the minimum specs for Total War: ELYSIUM?

Operating System:
Android Lollipop (5)
1.2 GHz quad core
4GB of internal HD space or 1GB of internal and 4GB of external storage

What game modes will you have on release?

Currently we have PVP and versus AI modes but we are workingon new ones, some which will be familiar to fans of CCGs and some that arebrand new.

I’m a content creator and want to make
TOTAL WAR: ELYSIUM content, how do I get started?

Please get in touch with our influencer team if you’d like to become a verified streamer.

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